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Form submission: Enlistment - L.McDaid - 01-09-2019

Enlistment Type: New-Enlistment
First Name: Laurence
Last Name: McDaid
Date of Birth: 08/31/1999
Country of Origin: UK
Origin Time Zone: GMT Greenwich Mean Time
Currently enlisted in a unit?: No
Any prior unit enlistments?: No
Service Records: List All Previous Units Here.  Separate by commas ","
Weekly Commitment Time: 3-6 Hours
Character Traits: I'd Say two character traits I have  is Selflessness and Determination which is ideal for an ODST.
Reasons for Applying: List your reasons for applying.  Must be at least three sentences

I am applying to have a realistic UNSC Experience on Arma 3

I've always enjoyed the ODSTs and as someone joining the Parachute regiment in the near future I want to have a fuel of "Futuristic" Paratroopers.

I also want to make new friends on this community as I am new to it.
Referred By: Other
Legal copy of ArmA 3:: Yes
Working Microphone: Yes
Copy of Teamspeak 3: Yes
Issues with loading or using mods: No
Authorization: By submitting this form I acknowledge that there is no guarantee of acceptance, and that if accepted I will adhere to the rules & regulations set forth by the Unit Charter and

RE: Form submission: Enlistment - J.Rock - 01-09-2019

Thank you for your enlistment application, Mr. McDaid,

Your Enlistment Application has been validated. At this time, you will be required to conduct a (short) interview before being accepted into the 17th ODST.

Please join our TeamSpeak server at your earliest convenience to complete your Enlistment Interview with a PERSCOM staff member; the IP address is: or . If this interview is not completed within a reasonable time, your application may be denied.

Also take note that the 17th ODST is a US-based unit. As a result, our TeamSpeak is most active during the afternoon and evenings in the Central Standard timezone.

If you have any questions or concerns please respond to your Enlistment Application and a member of PERSCOM will respond.

RE: Form submission: Enlistment - T.Storey - 01-09-2019