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  Happy Valentines Day: ACE 3.9.0
Posted by: Capt. J.Chamberlain - 02-15-2017, 04:24 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

[Image: ACE3-Logo.jpg]

It only seems natural that mod developers love their communities.  As such, the team over at ACE released an update today.  You should already have it downloaded via the steam workshop download (if you subscribe to it).

As of this posting, both of our servers have been updated with the new ace.

You can view a changelog of the update here:

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Information Welcome to the NEW
Posted by: Capt. J.Chamberlain - 02-10-2017, 02:57 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Welcome everyone to the new and improved!  As of 0030 hours this morning the move was completed and as far as I'm aware, nothing broke (which is always good!).

Tapatalk followers however will need to un-follow and re-follow the forum before the changes on mobile take effect (It will essentially be stuck on the old beta subdomain and will only show you the Recruiting depot).

If you run into any errors please let me know so they can be fixed.

Also, on some of the custom pages, I know the links are hard to see.  Yes I'm working on fixing them Tongue

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  Message Transcript 01FEB2523
Posted by: Capt. J.Chamberlain - 02-01-2017, 04:11 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

[Image: oni.png]







<< Yes Ma'am.

>> Chief, we need your force to deploy out immediately.  There's been a development.

<< Of what, if I may ask

>> In your action report from Esseker you had mentioned that the rebel forces there had garnered additional support that we had previously missed.

<< Yes Ma'am.  After diplomatic relations broke down and we moved on Esseker City, we met heavy air resistance from the airfield that was previously unoccupied.  There was also the fact that those insurgents were indeed nuclear capable.

>> Exactly.  It turns out they were being supported by an outside entity.  See the attached video feed(s) I've sent you.

<< What is this?

>> It turns out that the insurgent forces you faced were on the payroll of a deep pocket warlord on Madrigal.

<< Madrigal?

>> If you stop the phone footage at marker 00:00:25, you get to see your main opposition.  Allow me to introduce, from left-to-right: Mr. Quirin Greener, Colonel Rupert Searcy and Captain Lennart Haddon.

<< Haddon?  Isn't he...

>> Yes.  Colonel Searcy and Captain Haddon used to be part of the Colonial Militia there.  Mr. Greener (pronounced gruh-neer) was the insurgent they were supposed to suppress.  Apparently his deep pockets were more enticing.

<< That would explain why the forces we faced turned out to be better armed than what intelligence lead us to believe.

>> Exactly, and we need all of them captured or eliminated.

<< I can't believe they're murdering civilians.  How recent was this video feed, and how recent were our stealth drones in the area?

>> You aren't supposed to know this, but we have a team on the ground currently keeping tabs on the situation.  They're holed up at a security compound in Isla Abramia.  They aren't there to fight, only to report.  That video and the corresponding drone feed were sent to us last week.

<< Understood Ma'am.  We'll get underway immediately.

>> One more thing, Chief.

<< Ma'am?

>> Those civilians they were killing were declared UEG supporters.  That whole area you'll be going into is controlled by the URF insurgency and anyone there is hostile to us.  Black flag protocol is approved.

<< Yes Ma'am.



[Image: seven_dwarves.png]

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  Mass Casualties in Failed Diplomatic Talks
Posted by: Capt. J.Chamberlain - 01-31-2017, 03:16 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Fighting re-erupted in Esseker City over the weekend as diplomatic talks fell apart between UNSC and URF representatives which was sparked by the death of Lieutenant Dalibor Vedran, the ranking official on hand as well as the execution of an unknown UNSC operative.  

The Footage was leaked by unknown sources from the UNSC point of view of the fighting as well as data showing the detonation of a nuclear device that resulted in thousands of civilians killed or wounded.  UNSC experts are claiming that the nuclear device was detonated by URF forces.  URF representatives are denying any involvement. 

Security footage of the aftermath has been released to the public by the UNSC, possibly in hopes of bolstering their support in their fight against rebel insurgency.

The UNSC has stated that it has temporarily pulled its military resources out of the region and in place sent medical personnel to assist in disaster recovery and treatment of those affected.

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  Esseker cease fire
Posted by: Capt. J.Chamberlain - 01-31-2017, 02:59 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Reports are coming in today that Esseker URF (United Rebel Front) have called for a cease fire in the area of Esseker city to discuss peace and re-absorption back into UEG control.

Delegates from both sides are set to meet in the historic ruins of Old Esseker this week for deliberations.

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