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Information 17th Mod pack update 05/15/2018
Posted by: Sgt. T.Timm - 05-15-2018, 05:09 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (1)

[Image: BOPhMu2.jpg]

After long days of no sun light, food, water and sleep Capt. N.Banta finally allows us from the COE department to leave the dark basement and grand us access again to the mess hall where we feast on the fine food our chef's made after creating a update to our mod pack. Now you wonder do we have fancy gear and helmet attachments as well ? 

Well no, the reason for this is that from a quick look there would be a possibility of having 15 different gear attachments, which means we should have 130+ gear variations with this update.

Unfortunately this is only for our gear, not the helmet's since with the update of OPTRE 0.18 there are no helmet attachments so every element is wearing the same gear set like with our first update made by Ness. However I would think about to make user request gear and helmet attachment later in the future when the OPTRE developers are updating the mod again when they include helmet attachments.

So what do this update contain you ask ? To answer that question please consider to read the rest of the announcement post.

General Update:
[Image: MVL32yZ.jpg]

- Echo Company Armor

- Team 1 Ares Armor
- Element 1-1 Templar Armor
- Element 1-2 Lancer Armor
- Element 1-3 Pathfinder Armor

- Team 2 Jaeger Armor
- Element 2-1 Raider Armor
- Element 2-2 Bullfrog Armor
- Element 2-3 Voyager Armor

- Element 3-1 Viking Armor

- 83rd Valkyrie Armor

- JTAC Nomad Armor

Next to these armor sets for each element, we also removed some mod pbo's and add a new one to the mod pack which is "Don't remove empty mags" This mod will place your used magazine's back into your inventory, meaning that if you weight 26,4Kg having 5 magazine's on you, you'll weight after using the 5 magazine's 23,2Kg instead of 19,5Kg as example.

SPECIAL NOTE: Numbers are just a example !

Next to this the 17th modified weapons have been removed since Fletchers mod contains our change's, what also have been updated are the polarized helmets now when you turn off the hud the glass will be semi transparent showing your characters face.
83rd Vehicle Update:
[Image: dJVO4bX.jpg]

Since the OPTRE developers made some change's to the areal vehicles the current 83rd vehicle's needed to be updated to have the some functions as the vanilla OPTRE one's.
Next to this update, the Falcon, Hornet and Pelican got a update to the texture's which is based on the current style they had with our "Dress-up" update but they are more cleaner now then before. For some reason in 3DEN the vehicle's show up under BLUFOR but in ZEUS they show up under Empty

Download Update:
You can find a download to the mod pack here.
Reminder: Both file's are the same the reason the download size is bigger then the other is because of the archive type the file is compressed to.

7.z (1.07GB) :
.zip (1.41GB):

When your download is completed remove the @17th folder from your Arma 3 directory and place the new one from one of the download's you choose back into the Arma 3 folder, because as mentioned before some pbo's that are inside the addons folder got deleted and this will maybe cause connection issue's.

Example where your Arma 3 directory would be on your computer:
G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3

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  Promotion Ceremony - 05MAY2018
Posted by: Capt. N.Banta - 05-07-2018, 04:09 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

[Image: mo3SBda.png]




>>>//05MAY2018, 20:00 LOCAL REGION TIME



Echo Company,

Another month has passed and another promotion ceremony has brought some of our personnel to new ranks! With this being the first promotion ceremony straight out of an FTX cycle, we are a bit light this month, but please pass your congratulations on to these people below, they have earned it! Goliath out.


Veteran Service Award Ribbon

[Image: VSAR_1.png]

Awarded to personnel who have shown dedication to the UNSC and the 17th by passing their one-year mark.



Chief Warrant Officer 3
[Image: CW3.jpg]

Cpl. F.Strider

Gunnery Sergeant
[Image: GNYSGT.jpg]


Staff Sergeant
[Image: SSGT.jpg]


[Image: SGT.jpg]


[Image: CPL.jpg]


Petty Officer 3rd Class
[Image: PO3.jpg]


Lance Corporal
[Image: LCPL.jpg]


[Image: Crewman.jpg]




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  VTT // 29APRR2523
Posted by: Capt. N.Banta - 04-29-2018, 06:23 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies


>>>//LOGIN: 20226-09545-NB

>>>//PASSWORD: **************













>>\ WISP, open a channel to the Vice Admiral.

^^\ Yes Captain. I think he will be pleased both with the fact that you are early for your meeting and that the company performed well on their mock-operation.

>>\ I hope so WISP...

[2 minutes of silence..]

^^\ The Vice Admiral is coming on screen now Captain.

<<\ Captain, you're early, good.

>>\ Sir, Captain Banta, Reporting as ordered.

<<\ Drop the formalities Captain. I watched the sat-feed of Echo Company's mission... They performed adequatley. Shame the marines here on Reach couldn't get the third objective up in time, but I'm sure your ODSTs would have done well.

>>\ Thank you sir. Should I turn off the automated recording before we continue?

<<\ Not this time Captain, I want your men to hear this. Oh, and you can put away that hand recorder from the other day, you won't need it.

>>\ ... Sir, I-

<<\ No need Captain, you were looking out for your men. I'm sure hearing the name Brimstone is what got them motivated to perform so well. Now, on to the business at hand: You and Echo will board The Fall and rendezvous with Battle group Viper around the 4th Planet in the Capella system. Once you have arrived you will transfer from The Fall to The Silentium one of my agent's Eclipe-Class ONI Prowlers.

>>\ We won't be dropping from-

<<\ You will still be dropping in Captain, just not from your normal ship. The Silentium is one of our larger models, being just smaller than your Fall and its been specially retro-fitted for this operation in order to carry and deploy drop pods. It's stealth plating and radar deflection capabilities make it the only thing that can get above your AO without getting blasted. In fact we have already deployed two of my agents on the ground to help scout out the area for your first mission. As soon as we have finished analyzing that data I'll send it your way for the operation order.

>>\ Blasted, sir?

<<\ The Innies on the Capellan Colony managed to salvage a MAC Cannon from a destroyed Charon-Class Frigate. They've set it up as a planet-side anti ship cannon. They've set it up in the... Deniland region, which is exactly where Faust has taken himself and the disks.

>>\ ... [snicker] Deniland, sir? What kind of name is that?

<<\ ...

>>\ ahem, So the MAC will be our first Objective, then.

<<\ Perceptive, Captain. Yes, unless you can destroy or disable that gun, we wont be able to safely get our ships in orbit around the planet to deploy our main attack force.

>>\ Sir, won't we be detected coming in?

<<\ Normally, you would. However, we have the universe, and irony, on our side. Capella has a yearly meteor shower around this time, called the "Terran Meteor Shower". 

>>\ Terran? As in, Earth?

<<\ Yes, the meteors appear to come out of where Earth sits in their night sky. We have been tracking this shower as it heads towards the system, we are unsure exactly how large the shower will be but it should be large enough to mask at least part of your team initially. Whoever that may be could take out a radar installation in the south western area, that would allow the rest of your company to come in undetected.

>>\ I have just the team in mind sir.

<<\ Good. I should have the rest of the information for your op-order shortly. Good hunting Captain, I want Faust's helmet and tags on a platter and those disks destroyed.

>>\ We'll get it done sir.

<<\ I'm sure you will. Oh, one more thing: If you ever disobey my orders again, and record one of these meetings when I have told you not to, Echo Company will need to find a new CO. Understood?

>>\ ... Aye, sir.

<<\ Stanforth, Out.

>>\ ...

^^\ Well, that could have gone worse.



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  VTT // 25APR2523
Posted by: Capt. N.Banta - 04-25-2018, 10:03 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies


>>>//LOGIN: 20226-09545-NB

>>>//PASSWORD: **************













<<\ You're late captain.

>>\ My apologies Vic-

<<\ I'm not looking for excuses Captain. Now, we have much to talk about. Cut out your recording devices. Now.

>>\ ... Yes sir.











<<\ That's all of them Captain?

>>\ ... Yes Sir, that's all of them

<<\ WISP?

^^\ I detect no other recording devices sir.

>>\ Sir, I understand this information is sensitive, but why all the secrecy around your own people?

<<\ If anyone found out an ONI agent turned against the UEG and joined those damn Innies, it would be all over the holonet! Besides, you know what info he has on us.

>>\ Yes sir and we'll handle it. Brimst-

<<\ No. He's not Brimstone anymore. Kyle Faust has lost any rank or title he had.

>>\ Well then we'll find Faust and retrieve the Greyscale Serpent footage. No one will ever know sir.

<<\ I hope you are correct Captain. If you are wrong and that footage leaks... well I shouldn't have to tell you what would happen to you and Echo Company.

>>\ I'm aware sir. We won't let him escape. Have your investigators found out why he's doing this sir?

<<\ Not yet, you may have to discover that on the ground. Make sure your men are ready for their first mission, you won't have much support until you can complete your objectives.

>>\ We are preparing sir. We'll be ready.

<<\ Good. Out.

>>\ ...WISP, why didn't you tell him about my hand recorder?

^^\ I think it is in the best interest of Echo company for them to know what they are up against. Besides, no one ever said AIs couldn't lie.

>>\ Well... Thanks.

^^\ No problem Captain, just try to make sure you all make it out alive.



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  Operation Backbiter - Feedback Form
Posted by: MSgt. L.Buckman - 04-13-2018, 01:12 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Below is a form to submit any feedback pertaining to OPCOM's performance in the previous campaign, as well as suggestions for upcoming campaigns.  If you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns other than what is addressed in the form, please contact me over the forums or through Teamspeak.


Thank you for your time,
MSgt L.Buckman

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