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  VTT // 14AUG2523
Posted by: Capt. N.Banta - 08-14-2018, 11:45 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies


>>>//LOGIN: 20226-09545-NB

>>>//PASSWORD: **************










>>>//ONI Training Blacksite, REACH



^^\ Wake up Captain

<<\ Ugggh...WISP? Its oh-three, what the fuck are you waking me for?

^^\ It's the Vice Admiral sir, he's here.

<<\ Here!? What do you mean here?

>>\ It means here, Captain.

<<\ Oh, uh Sir!

>>\ At ease, Captain, we don't have time for the pleasantries. I important things to discuss with you.

<<\ A.. Aye, sir. Have your analysts found Faust?

>>\ No. But, we are still looking. However this, is far more important than Faust.

<<\ Vector, then.

>>\ Yes, the URF plan to colonize worlds outside the UEG has apparently been... somewhat successful, evidently.

<<\ ... How many?

>>\ Hard to tell at this juncture, but we have a fix on one. It would seem the URF have lower standards as to what constitutes habitable. The planet is arid, nearly all desert. We don't know what they call the world but we do know the name of the only region they've settled thus far, one of the few Oasis areas: Clafghan. Although we use the term Oasis lightly, the region receives little rainfall, and the terrain is as hazardous: radios and radar barely function due to the high mountains.

<<\ Understood, sir. What's the mission?

>>\ A small recon team was sent to ground, one of their squads went out to search for military targets, and vanished. These operatives don't have the firepower or the experience to fight the whole planet by themselves. You rendezvous with their Commander, Agent Hydra, and wipe out this budding issue.

<<\ Aye... sir you said it was a colony, what should we do with civilians?

>>\ ... As far as this mission is concerned, there are no civilians. Every human being on that planet, other than yourselves and my recon team is in open rebellion to the UEG.

<<\ Sir, I don-

>>\ There are no civilians on that planet captain. Do you understand?

<<\ ... Yes, sir.

>>\ Good, capture anyone you deem important, but recognize that there's only so much room a Paris-class and an experimental ONI Prowler-Corvette can carry.

<<\ What frigate?

>>\ The team on the ground was from the Silentium, Commander Typhoon's ship.

<<\ Understood sir, is he-

>>\ Commander Typhoon is fine, he is in orbit around the planet maintaining a defensive posture until your support arrives. Anything else, Captain?

<<\ No... No, sir. We'll get it done.

>>\ Good. Get your team geared up and on the move, Commander Typhoon is expecting you.

<<\ ...Fuck...

<<\ Fucking warn me next time WISP, jesus christ...



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  17th Mod pack update 07/20/2018
Posted by: SSgt. M.Timm - 07-20-2018, 03:39 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (1)

[Image: BfXWqB3.jpg]

To be honest I dont have a stupid meme storey for this update, so I'm just going to enjoy my donut and beer and mojito and have you guys read the following change's.

[Image: NK8OSeH.jpg]
General Update:

- New element squads armor added to the mod list
- Rename's of squads are changed in the mod pack
- Arsenal now have squad specific logo next to armor and helmets
- ODSTTP trainee uniform for recruits changed saying CAMS to ODSTTP
- ODST Instructor uniform added for people who have done the training already and doing instructions

[Image: f8KeoiX.jpg]
Medic update:

Medic's and Corpsmans now also have the demo/sniper/scout/TL, ATL variations for armor

Download Update:
You can find a download to the mod pack here.
Reminder: Both file's are the same the reason the download size is bigger then the other is because of the archive type the file is compressed to.

7.z (106 MB) :
.zip (155 MB):

When your download is completed, completely remove the @17th folder from your Arma 3 directory and place the new one from one of the download's you choose back into the Arma 3 folder.

Example where your Arma 3 directory would be on your computer:
G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3

Steam workshop collection:
Make sure you are up to date with the steam workshop collection

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  17th Steam Collection Update 09JUL2018
Posted by: Capt. N.Banta - 07-10-2018, 03:14 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

Echo Company,

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! Company Staff took time to consider the pros and cons of all suggested mods. After looking through everyone's suggestions it was determined by Company Staff that most of the suggested mods would bloat our already large mod pack for minor game play improvements and possibly cause further de-sync and frame rate issues. As such most were denied. However the 83rd requested an addition to their aircraft with elements of the FIR mod as well as adding the Survivable Crashes mod (which is now fixed and out on steam) which would both Expand the 83rd's game play options but also allow Echo Company to be re-tasked mid-mission in order to save downed pilots. In short, we will be adding the following mods to the Steam Workshop Collection:





The full steam collection can be found here:

That is all, Goliath out.

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  VTT // 23JUN2523
Posted by: Capt. N.Banta - 06-24-2018, 03:53 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies


>>>//LOGIN: 20226-09545-NB

>>>//PASSWORD: **************













<<\ Captain.

>>\ Sir, I assure you, my men did their best

<<\ What? Oh yes, Faust got away did he?

>>\ Yes sir, he did...

<<\ Alright, we'll keep hunting him, see where he pops up next.

>>\ Sir you're not-

<<\ Angry? No. Your troopers discovered something much, much bigger than Faust down there.

>>\ ...Care to enlighten me sir?

<<\ As soon as the files are decrypted I will. For now, just know that you all have just gathered crucial intel in this conflict.

>>\ I'm assuming that's this project vector, sir?

<<\ Yes... Well I'll tell you this: from our preliminary scan of the files, it seems that Faust has been directing the URF since he joined to leave UEG space.

>>\ You mean settle their own worlds? Do they have that capability?

<<\ It would seem so. We don't know how many of their colony ships have left UEG space so far, but there could me tens of URF world beyond our reach.

>>\ We have to go after them.

<<\ Yes. We do. Have a good FTX cycle Captain, and train your troopers well. They might be going out into the black soon.

>>\ Understood sir ou-

<<\ One more thing.

>>\ Yes sir?

<<\ Our boys in cryptology did decrypt one of the earlier entries in Faust's Audio Journal that you picked up a couple weeks back. They found out why he turned. I'll forward the recording.

>>\ Affirm sir. I'll take a look.



ONI Operative Brimstone, November 2521, operational log numbe-.... Fuck it. I'm not playing by ONIs rules anymore. You mother fuckers got my whole god damn family killed. How the hell did you let those URF fucks on Jericho get a god damn nuke... HOW. HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN STANFORTH... Who the hell did you even send to difuse that situation, huh? Some marine grunts!? These 17th ODST numbskulls couldn't calm down a toddler who was hungry, let alone some URF extremists that Watts didn't even want to help out. I bet you'll never hear this Stanforth, but who knows. I'm coming for you. All of Section 3, no, all of the god damn UEG and those 17th ODST fucks. I'm going to help the URF take you down. You corrupt ONI dickwads with your experiments on civlians and your sleeper agents, perpetuating this war and selling the URF weapons. I bet some stupid prick just like me sold them that nuke on Jericho. And those extremists shipped it right to Esseker, right to my mom's doorstep. Well, not anymore, I'm out. I'm going straight to Watts and I'm going to turn this war around for them.


>>\ ...Sir?

<<\ Yes Captain?

>>\ Did we supply the innies in Esseker with that nuke? Did we kill those civilians?

<<\ That's none of your concern Captain. Now, go train up your men. out.




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  VTT // 07JUN2523
Posted by: Capt. N.Banta - 06-08-2018, 12:31 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies


>>>//LOGIN: 20226-09545-NB

>>>//PASSWORD: **************













<<\ Captain.

>>\ Rear Admiral.

<<\ Your company has performed... adequately over these past few missions.

>>\ Thanks you sir.

<<\ Captain, I won't pretend that this isn't a bit awk-

>>\ You tried to get me kicked out of ODSTTP, sir. However, it's water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned.

<<\ Well... good. Now, on to the matter at hand, our experts have decrypted parts of Kyle Faust's journal.

>>\ And? Have we found out why he turned coat?

<<\ Not quite, we are decrypting in reverse chronological order in an attempt to find the location of the last of these drives.

>>\ How many do we have now? Was your strike team's mission on their objective successful?

<<\ It was. We now have five of the seven drives stolen by Faust. And now we have the Location of the final two.The last two drives are located at the URF ID headquarters to the East, just north of your "viking" team's AO. 

>>\ Easy pickings.

<<\ Yes. We also have a possible location on Faust himself. When your "Ares" team assaulted the URF ID base last week, we saw on the Sat Feed a man in black armor directing forces and coordinating fire support with the mortar teams to the north. We believe this was Faust. He fled the AO before your team pushed up but we were able to track the vehicle.

>>\ Where did he end up?

<<\ A Castle to the north-

>>\ This guy sure likes his castles...

<<\ Quite. The ID seem to like the positions for their strategic value. In any case, I want an assault plan for both areas on my desk by tomorrow morning.

>>\ I'll have it done by tonight sir. Any ETA on decrypting the rest of that asshole's diary?

<<\ We should have it done after your operation.

>>\ Perfect, hopefully he'll be dead by the time we learn why he did this. Goliath Actual ou-

<<\ Oh, one more thing, I was wrong before. Your company is doing exemplary work captain.

>>\ Thank you sir. I appreciate that. Goliath Actual out.

<<\ Viper Actual Out.



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